Student Council

Secondary Student Council (SSC) is composed of 22 dedicated and enthusiastic students who represent the student body in Grades 6–12. SSC organizes events for philanthropic causes and to raise school spirit. SSC officers are elected by the  student body in April of each year for the upcoming school year. The other members are grade representatives elected via grade elections at the beginning of each school year.

The Secondary Student Council aims to get the  student body involved in the decision making process at BIS, making sure that they voice their opinions on school issues and event ideas. Its belief is that an involved student body is a happy one. SSC maintains The Dragon’s Den Facebook page so that other students can directly express their opinions and make suggestions for school improvement. Secondary Student Council also hosts many great events, from the traditional annual BIS Winter Formal to some competitions in collaboration with the House Leadership team and its annual summer BBQ.

Primary Student Council includes representatives from Grades 4-5. Last year, these students gave their input into interviews with Primary Principal candidates and gave our communications consultant feedback from a student perspective. Their focus is on establishing a “buddies” system so that all students will have someone to play with during breaks and lunch and organizing committees to keep the cafeteria and playground clean. 

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