Extracurricular Sport

BIS Sports supports the mission statement of our school and allows student-athletes to learn the important values of commitment, teamwork and sportsmanship. Our school believes in offering diverse sporting opportunities that encourage students to join in and to reach their full potential. BIS Sports greatly helps in the academic, physical, emotional and social growth of our student-athletes. The overall sports philosophy is encompassed in these four words:


Extracurricular Sport offers competitive interscholastic sporting opportunities for Grades 5–12 and recreational sports training depending on the season. BIS is a member of the Northwest European Council of International Schools (NECIS). This organisation brings 11 international schools together for quality sporting activities from the Under 12 (U12) group to Varsity level. BIS is also a member of International School Sports Tournament (ISST) for 5 varsity sports: Cross-Country, Boys and Girls Football and Basketball. Grade and age eligibility for BIS Extracurricular (EC) Sports Teams is determined by the policies of the two sporting organisations (NECIS and ISST) in which BIS is a member and according to our school policy. 

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