What is the Model United Nations?

The MUN is a simulation of the work done by the United Nations and how this important diplomacy is done. High school students ‘role-play’ as diplomats in various UN committees. They identify, research and debate world issues and attempt to find solutions to these problems. Schools may have MUN as an actual class or as an extracurricular club, as is the case here at BIS. BIS students participate in the largest regular MUN conference in the world, THIMUN. This conference includes over 4,000 delegates and takes place in The Hague, Netherlands each winter. 


Every year since its founding, BIS has had a student MUN group. In recent years, the group has grown to approximately 60 members. Under the guidance of a teacher supervisor, the group meets on a weekly basis to debate issues, organizes two internal MUN conferences at BIS, and attends  conferences every year in Paris, France - PAMUN, and another at the Hague, Netherlands - THIMUN.

Details for current students can be found in the website community portal.

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