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ICT Tutorials

New Staff Starter-Guides

The first 2 PDF files are protected with the password: 'BIS' (all in capital, without quotation marks)

ICT Welcome Guide SY 2016/17

Slides from the ICT kickstart session for teaching staff August 2016

How to use 3Sys to collect parent email-addresses


iPads, iOS and workflows

iPads and their operating system (iOS) are the easiest and intuitive tablets on the market today. There's lots of stuff you can do already out of the box without reading big manuals. Attached is a structured and popular choice of text and video tutorials, which will help you to find your way through specific tasks, make the setup easier and help you to complete your task even quicker.

All tutorials were made using iOS 9.2.1.

Top 10:

1 How to set up staff work email on iPad

2 How to set up a student email on iPad

3 How to create a free Apple ID

4 How to get the BIS iPad apps

5 How to safely back up your iPad

6 Sign in to Google Apps on iPad

7 How to manage storage on your iPad

8 Upload files from iPad to ManageBac

9 Uploading to Primary ManageBac Portfolio from iPad

10 How to quickly transfer photos and videos from iPad to computer


More iPad tutorials:

11 Restart the iPad to resolve your issue

12 Take a photo or video on the iPad

13 Use Spotlight search to find anything on your iPad

14 Take a screenshot of what’s currently displayed on your iPad

15 Rearrange icons to be more productive and find them faster

16 Use autofill in Safari to speed up logging into websites

17 Make a desktop shortcut to a website

18 Use AirDrop to share files with other people

19 Use tabs to navigate websites easier

20 Close apps you’re not using

21 Write notes or make a checklist

22 Use Reflector to display your iPad on your Mac

23 Translate your voice into text using the Dictation feature

24 Select text and copy it to another location

25 Lock screen rotation / mute iPad sounds with a switch

26 How to save files to OwnCloud (school’s internal storage)

27 Install another browser on iPad

28 Use finger multitouch gestures

29 Discover great educational apps in the App Store

30 Use Google to discover other iPad tips


Laptops, macOS and workflows

If you would like to watch all video tutorials in one go, here is the playlist:

All tutorials were made using version OS X 10.11.4.


Top 10 macOS tutorials

1 How to clean up your desktop and organize your files properly

2 How to backup your Mac

3 How to log in to Google Apps and access the Staff portal

4 How to log in to 3SYS correctly

5 How to access and submit cover work

6 How to troubleshoot Wi-Fi connection

7 How to project what you see on your Mac to a projector

8 How to print anything to a PDF file

9 How to fill out a BIS form correctly

10 How to book a laptop trolley or other resources


More macOS tutorials

11 How to set up your Out of Office auto reply e-mail

12 Why is it important to restart the computer often (every day)

13 How to send files over email and note the size limit

14 How to play DVDs and project to a projector correctly

15 How to troubleshoot AirPlay mirroring with Apple TV

16 How to organize access to files much faster in Finder

17 Make the web browser remember the passwords

18 Use Spotlight search to find anything on your Mac

19 Rename a file or folder

20 How to do create an event and invite people over Calendar

21 How to get print jobs unstuck

22 Use the projector to display something else than what you see on your desktop (extended mode)

23 Use QuickLook to quickly view any file without opening it

24 Make a screenshot of your screen or part of the screen

25 Update Mac apps using Mac App Store

26 Create a bookmark in your web browser

27 Write down quick notes

28 What is Home Sync and how does it work

29 Use trackpad gestures and change settings to fit you better

30 Turn on zoom feature and make the best use of it

31 Use Quicktime to make a screen capture / video capture / video tutorial

32 Copy text, then paste it in another application so the formatting isn’t different

33 Properly disconnect a USB drive

34 Troubleshoot sending or receiving of email

35 Troubleshoot projector speaker when you’re hearing doubled sound or crackling

36 Troubleshoot accessing and deleting of files

37 Use “Open With…” to open files with the appropriate apps

38 Free up memory to speed up your Mac

39 Update Flash player

40 Use Mail in advanced mode using smart mailboxes and rules

41 Become an expert in OS X by automating tasks with Automator