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Listed here please find a highlight of news and upcoming school events. For a comprehensive and most up to date listing of all school events we ask that you refer to our school Calendar.


The heart dissected

The function of the circulatory system is an integral part of the Diploma Programme Biology curriculum. Our Grade 11 students learn about its components and how they work together. Why dissect an organ when an animation or simulation could be used? The students in the Grade 11 Biology class... » read more
Field Ecology - Grade 9 students experiment with bones

Grade 9 experiment in Field Ecology

As the stench of something potent travelled through the Science corridors, we needed an explanation!   Owls and other birds of prey often regurgitate indigestible matter as a ‘pellet’ (think giant fur-ball studded with rodent bones). By dissecting a pellet to isolate and study bones,... » read more
Impact of Globalization - Bonn International School students discuss

Globalization - its impact on our future

Over the weekend, the General Anzeiger published an interview with BIS Grade 11 students in their special feature “Germany in a Globalized World”. Leon Flock, Kelma Jean, Sang Mun Lee, Ksenija Popovic and Desiree Winns shared their perspectives on the advantages and disadvantages... » read more
Mighty Girls at Bonn International School

Grad 5 Exhibition students taking action

As part of their Grade 5 PYP Exhibition project, one group of keen students has explored issues about gender equality and Women’s Rights. They were curious about the depiction of strong female characters in novels and met with the BIS librarians to delve deeper. Using a focus section of the... » read more
Bonn International School Grade 11 students - Neuroscience Olympiad finalists

Congratulations to our two Neuroscience Olympiad finalists!

This weekend two of our Grade 11 students represented BIS at the Regional Neuroscience Olympiad held at Bonn University this weekend. In parallel, two other regional events were held in Berlin in Frankfurt.  Congratulations to both Abigail C and Helen W who succeeded to the top 10... » read more

Our Explorers shine - spotlight on inquiry

One of the highlights of our Grade 3 programme is the ‘Wax Museum’. Students learn about a broad range of explorers. They then choose someone to investigate in more detail. Not only do they learn about their life and achievements, they delve into the reasons for their explorations.... » read more

Our 3- and 4-year olds build a House

“During Continuous Provision we realised the door to our house needed fixing. We made sure we had the right tools to fix the house and the bricks to make it even bigger. The group worked together to rebuild the house and make sure it was a safe construction site.” » read more

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