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Our News & Events

Listed here please find a highlight of news and upcoming school events. For a comprehensive and most up to date listing of all school events we ask that you refer to our school Calendar.

Our 3- and 4-year olds build a House

“During Continuous Provision we realised the door to our house needed fixing. We made sure we had the right tools to fix the house and the bricks to make it even bigger. The group worked together to rebuild the house and make sure it was a safe construction site.” » read more

Genetics in context - Diploma students investigate

Our Grade 11 Biology students carried out a full analysis of their own DNA. With the use of professional equipment at the Baycom laboratories in Leverkusen. They investigated methods in bio-technology that connect to genetic makeup and health. Applying molecular fundamentals of genetic... » read more

Family Badminton at BIS

We would like to invite you to the BIS Student and Parent Badminton Friday, 24 March 2017, 17:00 – 19:00.  This event aims to provide our BIS community with the opportunity to participate in fun, engaging and social sporting events with other families to promote lifelong physical ... » read more

TEDx Youth@BIS

Since 2012 BIS has participated in TEDxYouth. Under the theme “The Next Step” the 2017 event features 15 speakers, including three musicians and one poet. This is the first year that student organizers managed the entire event, from mentoring novice speakers to filming the... » read more
International School Students perform at Bonn Town Hall for Germany's president

BIS students sing with Germany's President Gauck

Congratulations to our Grade 5 students and Secondary musicians! Germany’s President Gauck joined our 60 students for an inspired encore of Ode to Joy on the steps of Bonn’s historic Town Hall. Their joint performance ended with high fives from the Federal Bundespresident for ... » read more

BISSV Spring Camp - multi activity

  Join us for the first week of the Spring (Easter) break, Monday, 10 April until Thursday, 13 April . Enjoy learning new skills whilst strengthening others. Most importantly have fun whilst exploring a wide range of sporting and creative pursuits. Dates: Monday, 10 April – Thursday, 13... » read more
Teamwork preparation for the PYP Exhibition at Bonn International School

Grade 5 learn about teams and structures

At the very start of their PYP Exhibition journey, Grade 5 took the ‘Marshmallow Challenge’. The challenge was to build the tallest freestanding structure using 20 sticks of spaghetti, a roll of tape, some string and one marshmallow on top. Students practiced essential group work skills... » read more
Students and staff celebrate local traditions at Bonn International School

BIS celebrates Carnival!

Students and staff at Bonn International School dressed up and embraced one of the local regions most infamous traditions. ‘Karneval’ is embedded in the Rhine region’s centuries old culture; often called the fifth season! Today marks the beginning of a long weekend of... » read more

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