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Listed here please find a highlight of news and upcoming school events. For a comprehensive and most up to date listing of all school events we ask that you refer to our school Calendar.

Teamwork makes the dream work!

During the last weeks an experiment started to show success: The Grade 6 classes built marble runs in their teams, and we raised them in the Agora foyer. This project is a culmination of the goals that students worked towards over the last year: working safely as a large group in a... » read more

Light, Sight and Perception

In their final MYP Science unit of the year, “Light, Sight and Perception”, Grade 8 students studied how convex lenses can focus an image on a screen. It was a logical step from there to consider how our own convex eye lenses focus light rays on the retina at the back of the eyes. To better... » read more

Class of 2017 - Guest Speaker Timotheus Hoettges

As we farewell our Class of 2017, we ponder on the words of wisdom of this year’s guest speaker Timotheus Höttges. Some of our guests were interested in reading the words he delivered during the graduation ceremony. Please find these transcribe below: Dear Class of 2017 Graduates,... » read more
Early Learning preschool children focus on Science

Science in Early Learning - How the world works

To see a caterpillar metamorphosise into a butterfly before your eyes leaves an impact that young pre-school inquirers remember and further explore. It not only helps explain life cycles, it exemplifies how things change. With it comes an important message about how we need to help our environment... » read more
Kindergarten and Primary Sports day at Bonn International School

Primary Sports Day

A morning of fun in the sun. Children from Early Learning to Grade 5 honed their skills as they competed in traditional sporting pursuits. Thank you to our Middle School students for their mentorship and support during this event!   » read more

International Day 2017

A world under one roof! International Day in PhotosIf only we could also record the smells, sounds and tastes! A fabulous day for all involved and visiting. The sun shone brightly, but even brighter were the decorations and outfits of our countries who proudly showed off some of their... » read more

Our 5 year olds learn about animal care

Recently a local wildlife organization, NABU talked to our senior kindergarten children in EL5 about how they care for wildlife in the region. They showed a picture presentation that taught us about ‘Little Owls’ and how NABU protects and cares for them. They brought in a nest box that... » read more

Track and Field team success

Congratulations to the 50 strong Track and Field team and their awesome coaches, who competed this weekend at the NECIS tournament in Copenhagen. Our athletes achieved excellent results, which include a gold or silver medal in every competed age category of the 100 metre sprint race. BIS Dragons... » read more
Bonn International School students at National Neuroscience Olympiad

BIS students compete at National Neuroscience competition

Congratulations to Grade 11 students Helen W and Abigail C, who recently represented our school and the greater Bonn region in Heidelberg at the German National Neuroscience competition.  The competition consisted of a variety of tests. These included podium questioning in front of an... » read more

Sowing the Seeds of Inquiry

On a sunny day in May, Grade 1 students started a new “Unit of Inquiry” about where food comes from and how the food cycle, from production to consumption, works. To learn more about this, they took a short field trip across the street to see the raised garden beds that a Grade 7... » read more

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