Visiting Universities

Students and their families who wish to book in their diaries the dates specific Universities visit BIS and surrounding area, can get the most updated overview by selecting the button below.

Current University Visits and Fairs at BIS and surrounding area

Universities visiting BIS

BIS welcomes university representatives to our school. If you wish to plan a visit to BIS, please contact the University and Career Advisor to schedule a day to visit. Available times for university admissions officers to visit are during our student break times from 10:30–10:55 and 12:50–13:35 each day. In addition, the University and Career Advisor is happy to spend time with you before or after visits to discuss programmes and information about your university.

BIS is located on Martin-Luther-King-Strasse 14 and can be reached by taking the 611 bus from Bonn Hauptbahnhof to the Kanalstrasse bus stop or by taxi from the train station. A taxi will cost about 15 Euro from the Bonn Hauptbahnhof to the school.

Our School Profile will provide information regarding the school curriculum and information about where our graduates apply to universities.

As you plan your travel through Northwest Europe, there are a number of other schools in the area you may wish to visit. Please take the opportunity to visit to help plan your itinerary through the region to other international schools. This site offers up suggestions for admissions representatives as you work to book your recruitment travel.

Do not hesitate to contact Tami Albrecht, the University and Career Advisor, to coordinate your visit to Bonn International School.

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