Were you at BIS? As a student, parent or teacher? Our Alumni are scattered all over the world — attending school, entering the work force, developing careers, holding high posts, pursuing dreams - and yet still connected to and curious about their former school and the amazing people they met during their time in Bonn.

BIS keeps in touch with the school’s Alumni - whether you were a student here for a few years or are one of our graduates, whether you worked here or were one of our parents - via our Alumni Program. This growing, mobile community would like to include you, know how and where you are, what you are doing, hear your story or help you get in touch with members of the network of the greater global BIS community.

Alumni are invited to send an email to to join the Alumni Program. Alumni who sign up receive emails about events and news at school, as well as links to Waves, the school magazine.

Our main route of communication is the ‘Bonn International School’ Facebook page where alumni can get in touch with each other, post news and find out about what is going on back in Bonn. Like our Page and stay in touch.

We hope to hear from you!

Alumni Events

If you are a BIS Alumni (whether student, family member or teacher) and are interested in attending any of our events, or wish to help us organise a reunion for your class, please contact us at the BIS Development Office.

Alumni in London - January 2016

Nearly 20 former BIS students and teachers from 1998–2015 met for our annual London get-together. Many thanks to those who made time and joined us at this event.
We were fascinated by the journeys and stories after BIS. It was inspiring to talk to such successful individuals and an honour to realise BIS was part of this.

Alumni Reception - London, Janaury 2015

A great bunch of BIS Alumni met in London for a thoroughly enjoyable evening. School friends reunited, new connections lit up. Thank you to each one of the 35 of you who joined us and made this event possible.

BIS Class of 1999 - 15 Year Reunion - Berlin, July 2014

On the weekend of 19-20 July, the BIS Class of 1999 met up in Berlin, reminisced about school days and celebrated the 15 years since leaving school.

BIS Class of 2004 - 10 Year Reunion - Bonn, July 2014

The BIS Class of 2004 met on campus to begin a 10 year reunion weekend. Apart from appreciating the significantly changed and improved facilities, there were flashbacks of ‘back to school’ and much pride. Friends’ and own names were spotted on plaques taking many back on a memory tour of days together. A relaxed afternoon was spent catching up on the last ten years. Thanks Fabian for being our Class of 2004 rep! And thanks to Mr Charters, Ms Byrne, Ms Wrighton, Melissa, Sergio, Jessica, Jörg, Peder, Natalie, Janne, Kate, Jade, Lizzie, Irena, Nadiya, Mario for making this a successful reunion.

International Day on campus, June 2014

Our community’s biggest and most loved event of the year. As with the past years this was a fantastic day for both current and past families and individuals. The Alumni stand saw people from not only BIS but also from its founding BHS and BAHS years. We reminisced over some year books and refreshments.

Alumni Reunions, London, January 2014

On 24 January 2014, 22 Alumni met with the BIS Director Chris Müller and Primary Principal Shireen Appana for a relaxed dinner in London. The Alumni were students who graduated between 2006 and 2013; with a guest appearance from BIS’ former Director Peter Murphy. An exchange of personal anecdotes during the evening demonstrated what an amazing array of experiences and journeys our BIS Alumni undergo after leaving the community. So many fascinating stories of personal and professional achievement.

Thank you to Ana, Sam, Joana, Ester-Maria, Maddalena, Tim, Lennart, Alexandra, Christian, Sarah, Maya, Kjell, Ville, Fernando, Veronika, Shogo, Miguel, Ivan, Paul, Jan and Lars for a great time and for making the effort to join us.

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