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Primary School Procedures

***Please note that Rent a Cook are still in the process of setting up the online order system. As soon as they have this finalized, all families will receive an email with their individual access codes and instructions on how to register and order. Meals will be served from Monday, 21 August. In the first weeks all children who require a meal from the cafeteria will be served and charged later.

Parents in Early Learning – Grade 3 must order all hot meals in advance. This procedure is also encouraged for students in Grades 4 – 5, even though these students may purchase a meal, snack, salad or soup using money loaded on to their ID cards.

The cost of the set meals in the Early Learning and Primary School is €4.00 .

For this price, students are able to choose between a choice of three daily menus, one of which will always be vegetarian. In addition to the main component and a choice of side dishes, students in EL and Primary will also receive a small desert and a drink of either water or milk.

All Primary should be registered with Rent a Cook and have completed a Sepa Debit mandate. This mandate allows parents to register online and pay by standing order.

STEP 1: How to register your child

Registration forms need to be completed separately for each individual child. The “Registration for Meals Programme” AND the “SEPA Direct Debit” forms must be returned by email (scanned or photo of forms), fax or post to Rent a Cook. You can also return completed forms to our staff in the Cafeteria.

Upon receipt and processing of these forms, you will receive a confirmation of registration with your customer data and your online access password (customer number - Kundennummer and PIN) by post. Parents may register their child(ren) at any time, even during the course of the current school year.

STEP 2: How to order meals

Online orders are currently being set-up. This will be active before school begins. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.


Collection by Direct Debit method:

For this parents need to authorize a SEPA debit mandate. Rent a Cook will then debit the amount due for the month in question from the account proscribed at the beginning of the following month.

As per the SEPA terms and conditions, parents will receive advance information about the amount and debit date by email 5 days in advance. Parents are kindly asked to enter their full email address in the “Registration for Meals” form so that Rent a Cook can contact you. If parental mandate data (see direct debit mandate) change, please send a new SEPA mandate as per the current SEPA terms and conditions.

Contact, Advice and Information

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with Rent a Cook if you have any questions:

English speaking contacts:  Mrs. Linda Huse and Mr. Marco Klein

Telephone: 02641-9098-0

Fax: 02641-9098-29


Office hours: Monday – Friday, 8:00–16:00