BISSV Activity Overview & Practice Schedule

Here you will find the BISSV Activity Overview 2016-17



Bambini (birth years 2010-2011)

F-Jugend (birth years 2008-2009)

E-Jugend (birth years 2006-2007)

D-Jugend (birth years 2004-2005)

  • Practice twice per week during the football season (except Bambini which practice once per week).
  • Games played by E-Jugend and F-Jugend on most weekends (usually Saturday morning or early afternoon). There are no league games for Bambini and D-Jugend.
  • Compete as part of the football association Fußballverband Mittelrhein: Kreis Bonn. All players are required to have an official player pass and BISSV supports players in the application process.
  • Equipment required: shin guards, football boots.


  • Open to students in Grades 1–5.
  • Train twice per week.
  • Eligible to compete in competitions as part of the association Leichtathletikverband Nordrhein. BISSV will assist runners with the official registration process required to compete locally.


  • Open to students in Grades 1–12 and adult members.
  • In cooperation with the Schwimm- und Sportfreunde, Bonn (SSF).

BISSV offer the following swimming groups with coaching on Sundays:

Swimming capability

Maximum Number of Participants

Swim Time

Course period

Swimming lessons for Non-swimmers


16:15 – 17:00

8 weeks

Session 1 (October - December 2017)

Session 2 (January - March 2017)

Session 3 (April - June 2017)

Group 1


17:00 – 17:45

October 2016 to June 2017

Group 2


17:45 – 18:30

October 2016 to June 2017



  • Open to students in Grades 3–12 and adult members.
  • Training once or twice per week, Fridays and Sundays.
  • Limited number of participants.


  • Open to students in Grades 6–12.
  • Training once per week.
  • Limited number of participants.

Recreational Badminton, Basketball, Indoor Football and Cheerdance/Cheerleading for Adults

  • Open to adult members.
  • Recreational sessions one evening per week in the BIS Sports Hall.
  • No additional fee (only Basic BISSV Membership).

Volunteers are needed to help with individual teams. Volunteering is a rewarding part of association life and offers great support to our players.

Registration Information

If you are part of the BIS Community you can sign-up for the EC Programme and BISSV via our Community Login portal. On the landing page, please select the “EC & BISSV sign-up” button. Please find here The EC Programme and BISSV sign-up guide

If you are not part of the BIS Community but wish to join some of our activities, please apply for you credentials.

External member Sign-up


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