The thing I enjoyed most about the whole visit is how relaxed the school is.  It is not laid back - no - it’s quite full of energy, but there is no sense of stress. The children are simply going about their education in such a happy way and the teachers all show that too. It’s quite an achievement, to create a school like that.

Visiting Author

Student Reflections



Parent Surveys

My child is developing good problem solving and thinking skills, a big, big plus for BIS.”
Teaching is excellent.”
My child knows how to learn.”
I recommend BIS to others.”
We did have a problem with bullying. It was addressed quickly.”
Both of my children have very, very good homeroom teachers. Both of them had their needs analysed and a great learning program put in place for them by their teachers.”
Learning support and the student counsellors make a tremendous difference.”
Engaging and involving study.”
Most of the staff are outstanding.”
It took my daughter two weeks to settle in and that is fast.”
Great program for new families.”
It’s great to feel welcomed with any request or concern and to see that feedback is really used to further improve the school! Thank you.”
We like the holistic approach.”
It is a great community.” 


I remember my days at BIS very fondly.” Graduate Class 2002
To all current BIS students: you are truly fortunate to attend such a great international school, located in a beautiful town. Cherish it now, be grateful, and know that you will look back fondly on the memories made. … Once a Third Culture Kid, always a TCK!” Graduate Class 2004
BIS left me with many lifelong friends. The IB opens many doors.” Graduate Class 2009
The community at BIS is unparalleled and I couldn’t wait to be part of the ‘family’ again! To be here is to be part of a welcoming, compassionate, truly international group.” Teacher 2002–2004, Counsellor 2014–present
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